You Made the Charge, Now Back it Up...

Many unfounded charges have been made against the Catholic Church. Every time I ask for proof of these charges, I am met with silence... or an insult.
Here are some examples of charges made, with never backup documents to prove what they say:

The Church which Jesus Christ founded, apostatized at the time of Constantine or sometime thereafter. Therefore the Catholic Church cannot be that Church.
I would be very interested to see proof of this charge so,
Show me your documents!

The Council of Trent added the seven Deuterocanonical books to the Bible, Wisdom, Baruch, Sirach, Tobit, Judith, and 1 and 2 Maccabees. Read this first and then read the minutes of the Council of Trent and then,
Show me your documented proof.

Blessed Mary had other children...
Read this, and then show me where Scripture backs up what you charge.
Show me your documents after you read the Mary files on this website.

Blessed Mary is not the Mother of GOD...
this and then,
Show me where Scripture says that.

Catholics worship Blessed Mary...
If you believe this charge, then the Catholic Church has to tell us to worship Blessed Mary. If the Catholic Church tells us to worship her, then it must be written in a genuine Catholic document somewhere. Show me that document. Read the Blessed Mary files on this website and then,
Show me your proof.

The Catholic Church forbade reading of the Bible in the past...
Show me genuine historical documents which prove the Catholic Church forbade the reading of ALL Bibles which were not heretical.
Show me your documented proof.

St. Peter was never in Rome...
I debated a top protestant on this question and I sent him reams of authentic historical documents attesting that Peter was indeed in Rome, and in fact he died there. When I asked for proof of his charges, I was met with silence.
Show me your documentation attesting to what you have charged here.

St. Peter was never given primacy or authority in the Bible. After reading this,
Show me your documentation.

There is no such thing as Apostolic Succession...
I can show Apostolic Succession in Holy Scripture. You show me where it says it does not exist.
Show me your proof.

The Holy Eucharist is not the body of Jesus Christ. It is only a symbol...
Show me where it says this in Holy Scripture. Start with Matthew 26:26-28

Sola Scriptura is scriptural, keeping traditions is not. Read 'For Whom The Bell Tolls', elsewhere on this website and then,
Show me where Sola Scriptura is defined in the Bible.

Individual interpretation of Holy Scripture is acceptable...
Show me where it says this in Scripture. My Bible says just the opposite in 2Peter 1:19-21.

If you do not have documented proof of these charges, then you are perpetrating slander and lies. Read Rev 21:27. In a court of law, you shout, 'Guilty as Charged'. However without proof to back up your charges, your case is thrown out.

Written by Bob Stanley, February 26, 1998
Updated June 19, 2000

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