Seventh Day Adventists and 666...

Seventh Day Adventists and the Number 666:
What They will Never Tell You:

Ellen Gould White, the foundress of Seventh Day Adventism wrote many books, some of which preach hatred of the Catholic Church. One book in particular titled, 'The Great Controversy' is almost entirely devoted to this subject.

Seventh Day Adventists equates the Pope with the dreaded number of the beast, 666, as recounted in Revelation 13:18 and 15:2. They use as so-called 'proof' a document called, the "Donation of Constantine", written between 750 and 800 A.D.. In this 'document', the Pope is referred to as the "Vicar of the Son of GOD", which is "Vicarius Filii Dei" in Latin. If you take the letters of this title in Roman Numeral form, they add up to 666.
Add 'Vicarius', V=5+I =1+C=100+I=1+U (u and v are equal in Latin)=5 is 112.
Add to it 'Fileii', I=1+L=51+I+I is 53.
Add 'Dei', D=500+1 is 501.

Now add the three, 112+53+501= 666.
According to the warped "reasoning" of Seventh Day Adventists, this "proves" that the Pope is the beast of 666. To further their so-called "proof", they claim the title "Vicar of the Son of GOD" is engraved on the miter of the Pope.

What they will never tell you...

1. The "Constantine", which Seventh Day Adventists use here, was not a Pope as they claim.
He was an iconoclast Byzantine Emperor who was condemned by the Popes for his iconoclasm.

2. The "Donation of Constantine" is not a genuine historical Catholic document. It is widely known as a forgery. There is no official Catholic document to "prove" this charge by, and only by, Seventh Day Adventists.

3. The title "Vicar of the Son of GOD" was never a title of the Pope. It is a Seventh Day Adventists twisting of "Vicar of Christ", which is one of the Pope's true titles.

4. "Vicar of the Son of GOD" is NOT engraved on the miter of the Pope. No Seventh Day Adventist has ever been able to show "proof" of this charge. I ask them again, show me a genuine Papal miter with those words engraved upon it?

5. The "beast of 666" is not the number of a title, but is the number of its name as stated in
Rev 15:2, "...and those who had overcome the beast and its image and the 'number of its * (see note 1) name'..."
Therefore even if the Pope had the title "Vicar of the Son of GOD", which he never did, 666 would not apply to him as it is not his name, but a title.
Now let us look at a similar verse, Rev 13:18 mentioned earlier. The Greek word used in this verse to show the gender of the beast is 'anthropos', meaning a human being. The KJ translates this word as a 'man'. The CEV translates it to a 'person'. The GNB says 'someone'. The GW and the RSVA agree in saying merely that it is 'a human number'. The ISV says 'it is the number of a person'.
Well so much for the non-argument that the gender neutral 'anthropos' could only mean a man.
I have provided factual evidence that many Bible translations have shown that it could mean a woman as well.

But there is someone whose name fits perfectly, as the beast 666 of Revelation.

6. Now since 666 is the number of 'its' name, let us find one that matches it. Ellen = L+L=100, Gould = U+L+D = 555,
White = a double 'U' = 2 'V's +1 = 
Total these three numbers, and we have,
100 + 555 + 11 = 666  
So Ellen Gould White, the foundress of Seventh Day Adventism, has a name that adds up to 666, and it is the number of a name and not of a title.

7. Want another one? Okay, try this. Since Seventh Day Adventists try their twists in the Latin language, here is yet another example from the Latin which they use:
Ellen G. White calls herself, the "Voice of GOD".
Note that there is no twisting here as SDA's do to the title of the Pope.
So, in Latin her name is: Ellena Alba Vox Dei, or Ellen White Voice of GOD.
Ellena = L+L=
Alba (White)= L=
Vox (Voice)=V=5 + X=10 = 15
Dei (GOD)=D=500 +I=1 = 501
Total these three numbers, and we have, 100 + 50+ 15 + 501=   yet a second time!

8. I would say that the number "666" applies more readily to the foundress of Seventh Day Adventism since it is the number of 'its'* name, and not the name of a trumped up, non-existent title, wouldn't you? I gave you two examples of the "666" of the SDA foundress, and neither was found by twisting a name, or a title, or by quoting a forged document, or by calling an historical emperor a non-existent Pope.
Who was it that came up with the quote about throwing stones around glass houses?

*Note 1:
The book of Revelation was written in Greek, so we must go back to the Greek to understand the gender meaning, him, her, its, etc.
The Greek word used here is hautou. It has several meanings such as her, it, and him.

Some additional observations:
1. Since the book of Revelation was written in Greek, not Latin, why do Latin numerals have anything to do with Greek?
2. Did the SDA's check Sandskrit, or Japanese, or Eskimo or hundreds of other languages for a similar stretch in their logic?
3. SDA's are Sola Scriptura believers, so they say. So that means if it isn't in the Bible, they refuse to believe it.
So in dealing with SS believers, I must put on my Sola Scriptura glasses;
and reply,
"Hey, I cannot find your 666 argument using Roman numerals in the Bible, so therefore your charge simply does not exist."

For the doubters about the double "U", I suggest you consult your dictionary
for the origins of the letter "W":
The Romans adopted the second form (comparing Phoenician and Greek) for both the 'U' and 'W' sounds, simplifying its shape to 'V'. As its name indicates, the letter 'W' is in origin a 'double U' (VV), often used in inscriptions from around the first century A.D. to represent the 'W' sound in Germanic or Celtic names.
That is how my dictionary defines it...


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