Let Us Go and Find the Missing Keys...

What are we going to do with all those keys? ...If we ever find them all!

Suppose you owned an invaluable treasure, a priceless one of a kind, more precious than life itself...a Kingdom!

Now you want to protect this Kingdom, so that all may not enter...only the ones who abide by your rules.

Does it make sense to you that twelve people should be given the keys to this kingdom? What if one of the twelve turned out to be not trustworthy? Would you feel at ease knowing that there are twelve sets of keys in the hands of the same number of people, one of whom you cannot trust?

Well of course, I am talking about the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us look at Matthew 16:19, and Jesus said, "And I will give thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven..."

Some non-Catholics say the word 'will' means the keys will be given at a future time, and not at the time of that verse. They 'claim' that Jesus actually gave the keys to all of the Apostles in Matthew 18:18 (even though the Bible does not say that), as Jesus gave all of them the power of binding and loosening of sins. They try to tie Matt 16:19 and 18:18 together by some means.

My whole purpose of this file is to point out that Judas was one of the twelve at the time, and if all twelve have a set of keys, then he must have received a set also.

Now I will not attempt to ask, "where is Judas now", as GOD does not tell us where anyone goes after death. I will only ask, (the non-Catholics) "Where are the keys which were given (supposedly) to Judas in Matthew 18:18"?

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