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*TB xxx is: Theology for Beginners,
*TS xxx is: Theology and Sanity.


ACCIDENTS: Properties or characteristics of a substance. Whatever the senses can perceive. Bread has color, taste, odor, shape, softness. *TB 156-157
ANABOLISM: The phase of metabolism in which simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue. The opposite of Catabolism.
ANGEL: A spiritual being created by GOD.
APOSTLE: One of the original 12 disciples chosen by JESUS to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. St Paul is called the 13th Apostle, the Apostle of the Gentiles.
APOSTOLIC: Relating to the faith, teaching, or practice times of the 12 original Apostles. Relating to a succession of spiritual authority from the 12 Apostles.
ATTRIBUTE: A quality or characteristic inherent in, or ascribed to someone or something.
BODY: The physical substance of a person, animal, or thing. Human knowledge with the material world comes through the five senses.
CATABOLISM: The metabolic breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones.
CHRIST: Of the Greek CHRISTOS, the Hebrew Messiah, the Anointed one, the long awaited Savior. The one set aside for sacrifice. CHRIST is eternal and always existed. HE is mentioned in the O.T., *DAN 9:25-26. See 'JESUS'.
CONSCIENCE: Is the judgment of the intellect. It is conceived to decide as to the moral quality of one's own thoughts or acts, enjoining what is good.
DEATH: The separation of the soul from the body. *TS184, *TB92
DEVIL/DEMON: A spiritual being who once was an angel but refused to obey GOD. They were banished from Heaven and became the devil and demons. GOD did not create them. The devil is Lucifer, the others are demons. *TB75
DISCIPLE: One who embraces and assists in the spreading of the teachings of another.
ENMITY: In the spiritual sense it means opposite or opposing. *GEN3:15
ERROR: The opposite of truth. Acceptance of what is untrue.
ETERNITY: Time without beginning or end. Infinite time.
FEELINGS: An emotional state or a normal, natural, spontaneous reaction. Feelings are neutral, being neither right nor wrong. There is no morality to feelings.
FREE WILL: I will power, I won't power. Free to chose to love GOD or not. The power to decide.
GENTILE: One who is not of the Jewish faith or is of a non-Jewish nation.
GRACE: See question sheet.
HEAVEN: The abode of GOD, the Angels, and the souls of those who are granted salvation. An eternal state of communion with GOD. We have no idea of what Heaven is really like. We each choose for ourselves, Heaven or hell.
HELL: The abode of condemned souls, the devil and demons. The place of eternal punishment. GOD does not send anyone to hell. Each one of us decides for ourselves where we will spend eternity.
IMMUTABLE: Not subject to change, unchangeable, as in reference to GOD.
INFINITE: Having no end or limits.
INTELLECT: The power to have ideas, to reason, to think and to know. The power to acquire knowledge. To know GOD is the primary goal.
JESUS: Joshua, means savior, or 'The Lord is Salvation'. JESUS, THE CHRIST, is the more correct name of OUR LORD and was shortened to JESUS CHRIST. JESUS did not always exist. HE came into being at the Annunciation. HE is not mentioned in the 'Old Testament', *LUKE 1:31. See 'CHRIST'.
LOVE: A decision and not a feeling. There are 4 kinds of love.
   Stergein is love of parents for children.
   Eros is love of a man and woman for each other.
   Philein, like Philadelphia, is love of brother and love of friend for friend.
   Agape (ah-gah-pay) is love for our enemies. Love of GOD is all of these.
MAGISTERIUM: The Pope in conjunction with the Cardinals and the Bishops, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is the teaching authority and protector of Sacred Tradition and Holy Scripture in the Church.
MATERIAL WORLD: It is the world we sense with our five senses and it has chemicals, minerals, plants, animals and humans.
MESSIAH: The expected savior. In Hebrew, it means 'The Anointed One'.
MIND: Action of the spiritual soul on the brain. We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and a supra conscious mind.
MYSTERY: Something that is not fully understood, or that baffles or eludes understanding. A religious truth that is incomprehensible to the reason, and knowable only through divine revelation. We cannot know all about, but we can know a lot about a mystery.
NATURE: That which makes a thing to be what it is. It is a source of what it can do. Everything has a nature. Everything is not a person. We are each one person with one nature. GOD is three persons with one nature. JESUS is one person with two natures, a human nature and a divine nature. Nature poses the question 'WHAT',
not 'WHO'. See 'PERSON'. *TS241-248
OMNIPOTENT: Having unlimited power, authority, or force. All powerful.
OMNIPRESENT: Present everywhere simultaneously.
OMNISCIENT: Having total knowledge, knowing everything.
PERSON: The center of attribution in a rational nature. Person has a body, soul, spirit, intellect, and free will. Person possesses a nature, not vice- versa. Person poses the question WHO, not WHAT. See 'NATURE'. *TS241-248
PURGATORY: A place in which the souls of those who have died in grace stay, in order to be purified of their sins. The greatest torture in Purgatory is to be separated from GOD for a time. 2MACH 12:43,46
RATIONAL: Having the ability to reason. Logical.
REASON: The capacity for logical and rational thought.
SAINT: A deceased person officially recognized by the Church as being entitled to veneration and capable of intercession for people still living.
SIN: An offense against GOD, man, or self.
SOUL: The life force of the body. The principle of life. Every living thing has a soul. There is no element in the soul that is not the whole soul.
SPACE: Is what matter spreads its parts in. Since GOD is spirit and has no parts, HE does not occupy space. See 'Time'. *TS 60, *TB 13
SPIRIT: Has no parts and occupies no space. Spirit is indestructible, by GODS' will. Humans have a spiritual soul. Humans only, link the material world to the spiritual world. The human Spirit is the image of GOD.
SPIRITUAL SOUL: Only in humans. It has the intellect and free will. It knows and reasons and has ideas. The Spiritual Soul knows, loves, and animates the body. It has no parts, therefore it cannot die. It lives on forever. *TS 165-166
SPIRITUAL WORLD: We cannot sense it with our five senses. It has GOD, Angels, human spiritual souls, the devil, and demons.
SUBSTANCE: Matter, that which has mass and occupies space. Material of a particular kind or constitution. Only the mind knows the substance.  In transubstantiation, the substance changes (mind perceives),  accidents (perceived by five senses) remain the same. See Accidents. *TB 156-157
SYNOPTIC: Presenting a summary of the principal parts or a general view of the whole.
TIME: Is a measure of change. Everything in the material world changes. Since GOD never changes, HE is not in time. See 'Space'. *TS 66,146-148, *TB 19
TRANSUBSTANTIATION: The Church doctrine, teaching that the SUBSTANCE of the bread and wine of the Eucharist are transformed into the SUBSTANCE of the Body and Blood of JESUS although their appearances remain the same.
TRUTH: The opposite of error. Conformable to fact, correct. There is subjective truth and objective truth. Truth can be found by testing.


is spirit and has no body. HE is three persons with one nature.
When one thinks, all think. When one decides, all decide. What one knows, all know.
HE is outside of time and space. He has no past or future. HE is eternal and NOW.
HE is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Immutable (see above).
JESUS (the) CHRIST is one person with two natures. HE has a divine nature and a human nature. HE is the second person of the HOLY TRINITY. JESUS is a divine person, and not a human person. JESUS, the person, died on the cross. Since the person dies and not the nature, GOD died on the cross.
THE HOLY TRINITY is the triune GODHEAD. It consists of three distinct but not separate persons, THE FATHER, THE SON, and THE HOLY SPIRIT. All three have the same nature of GOD. THE HOLY TRINITY is a mystery and can not be fully understood by even the greatest theologians.

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