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DAY # 2 of 7, as taught by Father Dermot J. Dwyer:

*(opt) Means optional to teach,
*CCC refers to The New Catechism.

*************INVOKE THE HOLY SPIRIT*************


Theos, means GOD. Logos, means "to know". Atheos or atheist means, against GOD.


Is to reason with intellect. To decide with intellect.


*CCC 232-267, *TB 27-29,43-46, *TS 88-89,96-98,112.

1. There are 3 persons in one nature of GOD, 3 to testify to His name.
2. Each is a person, distinct, but not separate. When one thinks, all think. When one decides, all decide. *TB 29
3. They are not three GODS but one. More than one would be limited by the other, and you cannot have multiple infinities. *CCC 253, *TB 33.


(review from day # 1) *TB 27-28, *TS 91-95,110-114.

1. The center of attribution in a rational nature. Person has a body, soul, and spirit.
   Person poses the question, Who? *TS 240-241

The RATIONAL person can:

1. Reason, walk, talk, laugh, smile, sleep and think. *CCC 1704

(review from day # 1) *TB 28,90, *TS 91-95

   1. That which makes a thing to be what it is, and the source of what it can do.
      Nature poses the question, What? *TS 240-241
   2. Human nature is everything from the top of the head to the soles of the feet, everything inside and outside.
   3. GOD the FATHER, the SON, and THE HOLY SPIRIT all possess the nature of GOD.


*TB 10,60-61, *TS 141-142,

   1. Has intellect.
      A. Knows, reasons, thinks, and has ideas.
   2. Has free will. Will decides, using "Will" power and "Won't" power. With liberty
      comes responsibility, free choices and free will.


*TB 20

   1. Finis means end, it is finite. It has a limit. Man needs time to generate a son.
Infinite has no end. There is no little eternity. Eternity is whole. It is not broken up. It is one indivisible thing. GOD simply, IS.*TS 101
   2. Our minds are too little, puny, limited, tiny, and finite to grasp the meaning of
      eternity, or to know all things. We cannot know all about something, but we can
      know a lot about it. No one has all knowledge. Everyone has a little bit of knowledge.

*TB 45, *TS 99-106

   1. Son is origin of a living thing from a living thing by communication of substance
      to the likeness of nature. That is, Life comes from life. Everything comes from within parents.
     * (opt) Life in this world had to come from outside this world. Life did not start in
      this world. He who was life, gave life.
   2. The son gets his nature from his father and must be in the same nature as the
      father. The son of a mouse is a mouse. The son of a man is man.
      The SON of GOD is GOD. *TS 99-100
   3. The SON is all powerful and all knowing. The SON is GOD in every way.
   4. In human life, the father is older than the son in time. In Divine life, the FATHER
      is NOT older than the SON. They are outside of time and space. *TS 108,
      ( Define time and space, use definition sheet ).
   5. JOHN 8:58, "BEFORE ABRAHAM CAME TO BE, I AM." *TS 56-57.
      It means GOD has no past and no future. HE is NOW, eternally present.
      YAHWEH is, "I AM WHO AM", as is shown in EXODUS 3:13-15.
   6. We are the image of GOD (GEN 1:26-27), but HE is not like us because of HIS Divine nature.
   7. THE WORD (JOHN 1:1) is not a spoken word. *CCC 104,*TS 102. GOD's WORD is a mental word.
       A word is an expression of a thought of someone, so Christ is the expression of the Father's thought.
      The FATHER has a thought, an idea, which is appropriate to GOD.
      GOD, knowing Himself with infinite knowledge, and thinking of Himself with
      infinite power (TS 110), generates an idea, a thought of Himself. There is
      nothing in the thinker that is not the thought of himself,*TS 104. The idea is in the nature of the thinker,
      so the idea in the nature of GOD is everything that GOD is.
      The idea is all knowing, all perfect, all powerful. *TS 74, *TS 102-110
   8. GODS' SON, THE WORD, generated with intellect by GOD, comes to us through
      the intellect of GOD. *CCC 320


*TB 45-46, *TS 105-108

   1. SPIRIT in Greek is PNEUMA, Latin is SPIRATE, English is BREATH. *TS 106
   2. The HOLY SPIRIT proceeds from the FATHER and SON through the will.

                                       The FATHER >--------Loves--------> the SON
                                               The SON >--------Loves-------->the FATHER

      This is the state of lovingness, the sigh that lovers breathe. *TS 107
   3. The HOLY SPIRIT comes from the love of the FATHER for the SON, and of the SON for the FATHER..
       There is nothing in the FATHER and the SON that is not in the love of themselves. *TS 105
   4. "Then the Lord GOD formed man out of the dust of the ground and BREATHED into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE, and man became a LIVING BEING." GEN 2:7

JESUS took on the nature of man. HE is one person with two natures. *TB 28,*TS 239

                               First person:                2nd Person:                      3RD Person:

Person, (Who?) :   FATHER-GOD           SON-GOD                HOLY SPIRIT-GOD
Nature, (What?):   Divine                      Divine, Human                        Divine


1. Was JESUS a Divine person?......................(  )
2. Was JESUS a human person?......................(  )
3. Did JESUS have a Divine nature?...............(  )
4. Did JESUS have a human nature?...............(  )
5. Did JESUS have a human soul?...................(  ) 


1. Did HE have a Divine intellect?...................(  )
2. Did HE have a human intellect?...................(  )
3. Did HE have a Divine will?...........................(  )
4. Did HE have a human will?...........................(  )


1. MARY is the mother of GOD. JOHN 1:1,14
2. SHE gives birth to a person with a nature.
   a. Was SHE the mother of a Divine person?...............................(  )
   b. Was SHE the mother of a human person?...............................(  )
   c. Was SHE the mother of a person with a Divine nature?.........(  )
   d. Was SHE the mother of a person with a human nature?.........(  )
3. How can Mary, a creature created by GOD, be the Mother of GOD? (2a, 2c)

On the Cross, JESUS was dying in His human nature, and living in His Divine nature. He was both living and dead at the same time.
Persons, (WHO?), not natures, (WHAT?), die. (?) The (Divine) PERSON of JESUS died. Therefore, GOD died.
(read) ACTS 3:15, *CCC 629-630, TB 89-93, PHIL2:5-11.
Read for a good explanation of who died: *TS 240-241,268-269.

ROMANS 12:, 1COR 12:


*************INVOKE THE HOLY SPIRIT*************
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