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*TBxxx is Theology for Beginners by F.J. Sheed,
*CCC is The New Catechism
*TSxxx is Theology and Sanity by F.J.Sheed.

DAY # 1:

Q. When do spiritual souls come in to being?
A. At the moment of conception. The new body needs a soul to live. GOD knew for all eternity if and when this spiritual soul would be created. GOD creates the body and spiritual soul at the same time. See *CCC 366,2270, *GEN 2:7, *JER 1:5.

Q. Which are the higher forms, Angels or Humans? *(controversy *TS158)
A. Humans became higher when GOD became man. Angels are pure spirit and have no matter. Humans have both spirit and matter and can receive the Holy Eucharist. Angels are much more powerful and each could destroy the universe if GOD so willed. *TB15,53, *TS152,170.

Q. Are devils and demons the same? *TB75, *TS177.
A. Lucifer, the smartest and the leader of the 'fallen angels' is called the devil, and the other 'fallen angels' are called demons.

Q. Are the spirit and soul just different names for the same thing?
A. No, they are very closely related but are not the same. The spirit is a soul and the soul is a spirit. In humans it is a spiritual soul. This is what differentiates human souls from animal souls. The soul is the life principal of the body. The spirit has the intellect and free will. The spiritual soul lives forever. *TB10

Q. What happens to animal souls when the animal dies?
A. They cease to exist. Since animals have no spiritual soul there is no eternity for them. *ECC 3:21, 12:7

Q. Since animals have no spirit, how do you account for the fact that they can learn tricks, their name, etc?
A. The animal soul merely has an association of images. Read *TS161-162.

Q. What is a 'Supra Conscious Mind'?
A. Not much is known except if it does not come from the conscious or the sub-conscious mind it must come from the supra-conscious.

Q. Is Lust a feeling?
A. Lust is not a feeling. It is a sin against chastity under the 6th and 9th commandments. It is a 'capital' sin. *CCC 2351,1866,2529

Day # 2:

Q. Did (does) JESUS have a human soul?
A. Yes, HE needed (needs) one to animate HIS human body.

Q. Can GOD suffer?
A. GOD cannot suffer in HIS Divine nature. HE had to take on human nature in order to suffer.

Day # 3:

Q. Regarding the 'Four Marks of the Church', you Catholics always claim yours is the only Church. Any Church could come up with a criteria after the fact, and say their Church meets it, so any Church could claim to be the 'True Church' by meeting their own criteria.
A. What other 'criteria' could any other Church come up with in order to prove themselves true? Protestant Churches do not claim to be the 'True Church' because they can't.

Q. I do not believe in 'Apostolic Succession'. Show me in the bible where it says it exists?
A. Protestants (fundamentalists) have only the Bible. They do not have tradition. They do not have the Magisterium to interpret the Bible for them. The Catholic Church has all three, and 'tradition' came before the 'New Testament' was written. In order to exist in this world, any government has to have a succession of leaders or it will die when the last leader dies. When the last apostle died, the baton was passed on for generation after generation. Try these references: ACTS 20:28-32, MATT 28:20, 2TIM 3:14, DEU 32:7, *CCC 860-862,77,1576

Q. Why are there so many different Christian Churches?
A. It is satans work, divide and conquer. Don't forget they (the protestants) left us, we did not leave them. The main cause is individual interpretation of the Bible which Protestants teach.

Q. What is the difference between 'objective' and 'subjective' truth.
A. Objective truth is absolute truth such as the Bible or teachings of the Magisterium. Subjective truth is what you believe to be true but it is not necessarily objective truth.

Q. I have heard a lot about 'New Age', but what does it mean?
A. The only thing 'new' about New Age is its name. It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve when they thought they could be like GOD if they ate of the 'forbidden fruit'. New Agers believe GOD is not necessary as we have 'Goddess Earth', science, crystal power, ouiga boards, magic, fortune tellers, astrologers, witchcraft, and a whole host of similar nonsense to satisfy all human needs. This dangerous movement has no central organization at this time, but is a real threat to the Church because if its phenomenal growth.

Day # 4:

Q. What does 'Enmity' mean?
A. It means mutual distrust or hatred, hostility, animosity or antagonism. See the 'Definitions Sheet'.

Q. What do you mean Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac? *GEN21:13,22:1-14.
A. Abraham knew that Isaacs' bloodline would lead a great nation. In obedience to GOD, he did go through with the sacrifice, but at the last minute GOD intervened and a ram was sacrificed instead. The Ram caught in the bush is a prophetic symbol of the LAMB on the cross.

Q. What do you mean about the blessing given by Isaac? *GEN 27:1-40
A. In those days a father would give a paternal blessing to one of his sons. This was to convey leadership of the clan to an heir.

Q. I do not understand how Jacob became Israel. *GEN 32:22-33

Day # 5:

Q. How can you say Grace raises us to GODS' level? We cannot be raised to GOD'S level, can we?
A. We do not possess HIS level, but at the Mass, the Priest says, "We share in YOUR Divinity as YOU share in our humanity."

Q. I don't understand the difference between Sanctifying, Actual, and Sacramental Graces.
A. Sanctifying is the supernatural state of being infused by GOD. It belongs to the whole soul, mind, will, and affections. Actual is a temporary supernatural intervention by GOD to enlighten the mind or strengthen the will. Sacramental is conferred by reception of the Sacraments and may include Actual and Sanctifying Graces.

Day # 6:

Q. Can a Priest consecrate a host if he is in mortal sin?
A. Yes, because it is THE HOLY SPIRIT who really consecrates the host.

Q. Can a Priest resign from the priesthood?
A. He can stop being a practicing priest, but once a Priest, he is a Priest forever. *PS109:4

Q. In the sacrament of the Eucharist, you say the 'FORM' is 'Body of CHRIST'. This should be 'For This Is My Body' as the priest says.
A. The Eucharist is consecrated in the sacrifice of the Mass before Communion and we are concerned, in this course, with the role of the Eucharistic Minister. The 'FORM' goes with, who the 'MINISTER' is.

Q. In 'Matrimony', an invalid marriage can occur because of a deception by one of the parties at the beginning. Does this apply to 'Holy Orders' as well? Can we have invalid Priests because they omitted revealing that they were homosexual, masons, or communists?
A. It is possible, depending on the deception. If so, only GOD knows what, if any, effect it has on his parishioners.

Day # 7:

Q. What is a 'Mental Reservation?
A. It is a mental thought that is kept back or withheld.

Q. I was always taught that 'apocryphal books' meant the seven books that the Catholic Bible has that protestant Bibles do not have.
A. Protestants call these seven books the 'apocrypha'. Catholics call these seven the 'deuterocanonical' books. There are many books called 'apocrypha'. Protestants do not distinguish the seven books from the rest.

Q. I have a hard time believing some things taught here. I have a real problem believing GOD died on the Cross.
A. If man knew everything, he would be equal to GOD, and there would be no need for classes such as this one. There are many mysteries that cannot be explained fully, and so we have to believe them with faith. Whatever the Church teaches, we should accept as 'truth'. If GOD did not suffer and die, then no one did, for there was but the one person in CHRIST. *TS268-269

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